WOW! What an incredible experience!

Where to start? This experience has been fulfilling, rewarding and so much fun!

Before departing for Kenya, i had no idea what to expect... of course i read the "trip info" section on the website and read other volunteer's feedback and comments but you never really know what something will be like until you experience it in person.

Upon arrival, i straight away was able to see a difference in the way of living from back at home in England. The roads were not as smooth, a lot of the buildings were not made of bricks, the animals had right of way on the roads! I was there though, to observe the children and help contribute to giving them a better life.

The children i was extremely fortunate to meet were something else! They were always happy, full of energy and despite not having many material objects to play with, they always found a way of playing a game and having fun.

My time was short out there but i have still managed to come home even happier than when i went out, have learnt to appreciate everything in my life big or small and most importantly not to take anything for granted. Tears have fallen since returning home as i already miss them but it gives me an excuse to get planning my next trip out there to see them again!

Asante sana, Nanyuki.

Miss Kali x

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